• YEAR Fellows at U.S. Capitol

          Study in the United States

          One year non-degree study for Russian students

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        • YEAR Fellows at Northwest College

          Study in the United States

          One year non-degree study for Russian students

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        • YEAR Fellow with host family

          Host a Participant

          Open Your Door & Help Change The World

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        • Internship

          Learn about the American workplace

          Participants take part in community service projects and conduct three professional interviews

        About the Program

        The Year of Exchange in America for Russians program provides outstanding Russian students a unique opportunity to study for one year at U.S. institutions of higher education, to engage with local communities in sustained and meaningful dialogue, to educate Americans about Russia's history and culture, and to gain a new, nuanced understanding of American society. The program also aims to strengthen each participant's English skills and subject knowledge. Participants take undergraduate level courses in their major fields of study, American studies, and a wide range of electives that offer the opportunity to explore new disciplines. All fellows arrive in their host communities one month prior to the beginning of their academic year. During this period, they are placed with host families. At the end of their first month in the U.S., students move to on-campus residence halls. The YEAR Program is fully funded, covering tuition, housing, international travel, medical insurance, and other basic living expenses.

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        Application Information

        The 2019 participant application for the YEAR Year of Exchange in America for Russians is currently closed. Click on the More Information button to learn more about the application process.

        More Information

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